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   63 . 1–4    2020

Institution U.S.  
Institution Foreign

  Online                   $79

  Print                      $80

  Print & Online   $90

(U.S. Priority Flat Rate Included)


Online                     $79

Print                        $130

Print & Online     $146

(U.S. Priority Flat Rate Included)

Project MUSE is the online provider for institutions. Access Only for term of the subscription.


All four issues have been published as of March 20. The online editions are available.
63.3 and 4 in print will not be mailed until the fall, when the Pandemic has subsided.

Individual U.S.     
Individual Foreign   

Print Only               $60

(U.S. Priority Flat Rate)


Print  Only          $100

(U.S. Priority Flat Rate)


Individuals Can Download an Article at Project MUSE  $10 total charge

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