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The 1880-1920 British Authors Series

SIXTY-ONE YEARS AGO Professor Helmut E. Gerber recognized the need for a journal that would focus attention on late-Victorian and early-twentieth-century British literature. He founded English Literature in Transition, 1880–1920 at Purdue University.

ELT Press, founded in 1988, complements ELT with its 1880-1920 British Authors Series, offering book-length studies on turn-of-the-century British writers. As scholars and librarians know, publishers readily print titles that feature the names Joyce, Yeats, or Woolf. This neglects a host of important British authors regarded as essential to the study of the Transition era and modernism.


Says Choice:  "This important series draws attention to writers who have fallen into relative obscurity
for reasons that have nothing to do with their stature.... Highly recommended."


Choice Badge

In 2013 Choice gave ELT Press's Rudyard Kipling: Life, Love, and Art by William B. Dillingham an Outstanding Academic Title Award.

Just over 7,000 titles are reviewed annually (25,000 submitted) but Choice only gives out 663 Outstanding Academic Title awards. Professor Dillingham's book is exceptional, as Kipling readers have discovered.


The 1880–1920 British Authors series makes available critical, biographical, bibliographical, and primary works on Transition authors. Thirty-one volumes have been published in the series and they appear as e-books in John Hopkins University Press's UPCC Editions.

We are interested in considering manuscripts on authors or topics tied to the 1880–1920 era of British literature. We do not publish books on such figures as Joseph Conrad, Thomas Hardy, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, or W. B. Yeats.

If you have a manuscript you think may be of interest to ELT Press, please e–mail Robert Langenfeld. Describe your work. He will respond directly. Once a manuscript is sent out for peer review the decision follows in 2–3 months.


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