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ELT, in its 62nd year of publication, has a large audience of scholars and general readers worldwide via online services such as Project MUSE, Ebsco’s Periodicals for Public Libraries, and ProQuest that reach research, college, community college, and public libraries.

The journal publishes articles on fiction, poetry, drama, or subjects of cultural interest in the 1880–1920 period of British literature. Submissions are typically 20–30 double-spaced pages. While we publish reviews of books about Joseph Conrad, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, and W. B. Yeats, we do not publish articles on such major figures unless the discussion is linked to less-prominent authors of the era. Dissertation or thesis chapters must be revised as articles before we will consider them for publication. We publish book reviews the editor has solicited.

Submission by E-Mail Only   E–mail Robert Langenfeld and describe the contents of your essay. Attach the essay in one of these formats: Word, WordPerfect, RichText.
Decision & Documentation   We respond in a timely fashion. Allow two–three months for a decision. Notes in the articles we publish follow our house style based on The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.). When submitted, if the documentation follows the dreary, cumbersome MLA format, not to worry. That will suffice for submission for publication.


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