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Ceases Publication     Volume 63.4 (2020)

—Robert Langenfeld

All 4 issues have been available from the online sources since 20 March 2020 and print (all 4 issues) mailed to libraries.

Volume 63: 1-4 (2020) completes my 37th year as editor. Time to stop.

In keeping with the founding editor’s wishes, the journal will stand on its continuous run since 1957 and cease publication. Hal Gerber said that all journals have an endpoint.

Through these decades of publication ELT has served the academic community in an authoritative way, making a variety of scholarly views available in accessible, affordable formats as the print and online worlds evolved.

Many thanks to all the readers—world wide. Many thanks to all the authors and book reviewers. And especially many thanks to the members of the Advisory Board, past and present, who gave so generously of their learning and expertise.

ELT will continue to be available for readers to mine its 63 volumes of articles and book reviews through three prominent online venues.

| Project MUSE |
Volume 1 (1957) – Volume 63 (2020)

If your library does not subscribe to Project MUSE, articles, book reviews, and isues can be purchased for a modest fee, downloaded from Project MUSE. See this Link


| ProQuest |
Volume 1 (Fall 1957) – 43 (2000), Periodicals Archive Online
Volume 41 (1998) – Volume 63 (2020), LION (Literature Online)


| EBSCO’s Periodicals for Public Libraries |
Volume 26 (1983) - Volume 63 (2020)


Complete listing of all that has been published can be found in the three indexes

ELT Indexes

I: Volume 1 – Volume 15 (1957–1972)
II: Volume 16 – Volume 25 (1973–1982)
III: Volume 26 – Volume 63 (1983–2020)
III: Select Categories (1983–2020)


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