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No. 33   1880-1920 British Authors Series

Paperback 978-0-944318-79-9

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Reviewed in Publishers Weekly, 11 September 2020

Featured Backlist Titles

 Outstanding Academic Title 2013    Choice

Kipling Cover_Dillingham

Rudyard Kipling: Life, Love, and Art
William B. Dillingham
2013        $60.00   270 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-54-6 
  No. 28

Shaw Cover_Weintraub

Bernard Shaw Before His First Play:
The Embryo Playwright

Stanley Weintraub
April 2015        $70.00   220 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-71-3 
  No. 29


Wilde Cover_Guy & Small

Studying Oscar Wilde
Josephine Guy & Ian Small
2006 $40.00 248 pp.
Paperback Original   0-944318-22-3   No. 22

Young Man's Letters Cover_Langenfeld

A Young Man’s Letters from World War II:
“More than Becoming a Soldier”

Lt. Robert E. Langenfeld
2011  $20.00   240 pp.
Cloth  978-0-944318-39-3
No. 1 in The Trade Book Library Series

More Backlist Titles
Rudyard Kipling’s Letters to His Agents, A. P. Watt and Son, 1889–1899
Thomas Pinney, ed.
2016    $75.00   272 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-77-5 
  No. 32
The Graven Image: A Tale of Two Hemispheres
E. W. Hornung         Peter Rowland, Ed.
2016        $45.00   224 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-75-1 
  No. 31
His Brother's Blood: The Last (Unfinished) Novel
E. W. Hornung         Peter Rowland, Ed.
2015        $30.00   128 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-73-7 
  No. 30
Bernard Shaw: Slaves of Duty
and Tricks of the Governing Class

Bernard F. Dukore
2012        $60.00   152 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-46-1 
  No. 27
South African Border Life:
Tales of Unrest

Ernest Glanville      Gerald Monsman, ed.
2012  $55.00   420 pp.
Original Paperback  978-0-944318-41-6
   No. 26
Farewell, Victoria!
British Literature 1880–1900

Stanley Weintraub
2012  $60.00   284 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-25-6   No. 25
Rudyard Kipling's Uncollected Speeches:
A Second Book of Words

Thomas Pinney, ed.
2008  $55.00   160 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-24-9   No. 24
Arthur Symons, Critic Among Critics:
An Annotated Bibliography

C. Jay Fox, Carol Simpson Stern, & Robert S. Means
2007  $90.00   468 pp.
Cloth   978-0-944318-22-3   No. 23

H. Rider Haggard on the Imperial Frontier:
The Political and Literary Contexts of His African Romances
Gerald Monsman
2006   $40.00 304 pp.
Paperback Original     0-944318-21-5   No. 21

An Edwardian's View of Dickens and His Illustrators: Harry Furniss's 'A Sketch of Boz'
Gareth Cordery   No. 20
Late 19th-Century Ireland's Political and Religious Controversies in the Fiction of May Laffan Hartley
Helena Kelleher Kahn   No. 19
Eastern Questions: Hellenism & Orientalism in the Writings of E. M. Foster and C. P. Cavafy
Peter Jeffreys   No. 18
Kipling's America: Travel Letters, 1889-1895
D. H. Steward, ed.   No. 17
Walter Pater: Transparencies of Desire
Laurel Brake, Lesley Higgins, Carolyn Williams, eds.   No. 16
Out of Print
Oscar Wilde: Recent Research:
A Supplement to 'Oscar Wilde Revalued'

Ian Small  No. 15
Out of Print
Colonial Text/Modern Subjects: Hugh Clifford
and the Discipline of English Literature in the
Straits Settlements and Malaya 1895-1907

Philip Holden   No. 14
Notes on "Pilgrimage":
Dorothy Richardson Annotated

George H. Thomson   No. 13
Out of Print
The Dialectics of Sense and Spirit in Pater & Joyce
Frank Moliterno   No. 12
A Reader's Guide
to Dorothy Richardson's Pilgrimage

George H. Thomson   No. 11
Numbers 1-10 in the Series


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